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Corporate & Charity Events 


Gather your colleagues for a unique and engaging activity that fosters collaboration, communication, and camaraderie.

Looking for an alternative teambuilding day or gift ideas for your colleagues or team?  We are always happy to work with companies and provide them with a creative service that can offer their staff some time away from their usual job.  A chance to learn a new skill, relax and unwind with their colleagues and have some fun.  

We offer this in 3 ways:

Mosaic Kits

Each of our kits come complete with everything you will need to complete your mosaic.  There are step by step instructions and tiles can be pre-snipped on any kit so there are no special tools required.  We can send the kits directly to each staff member at home or ship in bulk to your chosen location.   We ship worldwide!

Online Mosaic Session With A Kit

You may choose to have a more interactive session with your team and have guidance from Audrey our mosaicist.   This package includes ordering your selection of kits which will be shipped to you,  then arranging a suitable day and time to enjoy a Zoom session creating your kits together.  This is a great teambuilding option for those working remotely. 

In Person Mosaic Workshop

If you're looking to have an interactive creative mosaic making workshop for your company where everyone can get creative together in the same space, then this is a perfect option!  You may want to run a workshop at a specific time in your day where everyone comes together to create their mosaics, or alternatively have a session run throughout a morning or afternoon, where members of your team can pop in and get creative when it suits them during their working day.  Sessions can be packaged to suit your needs and there are many choices of what can be created at these sessions


Get a Quote - Email

Audrey will be happy to chat through your options to provide you with the perfect event or gift for your staff team and colleagues

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