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Community Projects

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Audrey and her team have worked throughout the home counties and London working with the Voluntary Sector, Statutory Sector and private corporate companies creating large scale murals and mosaics and running workshops for children, parents, schools and staff teams.  A school mosaic is a wonderful community project that everyone can be involved in,  from all year groups and all school staff.  Everyone can help in the design and lay some tiles and be proud of the finished design displayed in their school.   Are you thinking of a commissioning a school mosaic?  Have a look at our guide prices HERE



Audrey has designed and painted murals in Scotland, South East of England, London and even as far as Kenya! A mural is a fantastic way to bring a burst of colour to your school, community setting or public space and they really do put a smile on your face when you're greeted with such positive and fun designs.  Transforming a dull blank wall into something so colourful can't help but bring some joy to your day.  As a Community Artist all of Audrey's murals have areas in them that have been painted by the community.  So it may be school children, young people from a youth project or older members of the community who have been supported and guided in putting their own mark on the design, bringing a sense of pride and ownership to their community mural.   To find our more click HERE



Audrey's work with museums include St Albans Museums, The Norris Museum in St Ives and the Natural History Museum in Tring.  Do get in touch if you'd like an event or project hosted at your museum. 

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Audrey has worked for several years with Herts County Council, delivering mosaic and mural projects for young people in care and with young carers. Her work with local charities and schools is extensive, including Northgate Hospital School, The Royal Free Hospital School, AgeUk Barnet, Barnet Homes, Ascend, Barnet Carers Centre, IPOP, The Young Barnet Foundation and many more!


Audrey has worked extensively with disabled young people and adults creating accessible workshops and holiday projects where they can access visual arts and is currently delivering the Arts On Prescription programme with Three Rivers District Council. 


If you're looking for a one off creative workshop for your company or are interested in a community art project for your school or community group, please do get in touch, Audrey will be happy to discuss your ideas and work within your budget.

Do you have a project for the community?

Great! Get in touch with Audrey to discuss your ideas!

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