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In the past 15 months due to Covid and lockdowns I've had a huge surge in companies looking for something creative for their staff teams to do, either independently or online together as a bit of a get together and social catch up or thank you gift or pick me up during these difficult times. It's been great fun for me and a new area of work that I hadn't done much of before. I've sent loads of packages to America, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and even Iceland! And companies have ranged from health care staff, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance brokers to charities, colleges and universities. I honestly let out a shriek and do a bit of a happy dance every time I get an order like this. I still can't quite believe that people all over the world are sitting creating my mosaic kits and I'm not sure that it will ever just feel the norm for me. This is what has kept this year totally fun and interesting (workwise) for me and has taken me down a route that I had never thought of going down before. My drive and passion is Community Arts, working with people of all ages, of all abilities and from all walks of life creating art together, designing and creating largescale murals and community mosaics, so I never thought that creating a range of mosaic kits and sending them to all these different people would have a similar effect on me. You can't quite beat working directly with people and seeing the impact that creative practices has on them, but the fact that people have been able to be creative in their own home and access a medium which is often costly and requires a range of tools making it out of reach for many, makes me really happy. These past 15 months has been extremely difficult for everyone, some more than others. Mosaic making has offered some respite, it's meditative, can be slightly addictive but relaxing and is generally an overall mindful activity which keeps your mind active in a positive way and can reduce anxiety. As we find ourselves moving out of lockdowns and restrictions I look forward to getting back out and teaching in real life but am so happy that my business set up will continue to still reach people wherever they may live, be it with a kit or an online session.

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