Multicoloured Elephant Family Kit


This kit is bright and fun and perfect for anyone who loves a burst of colour. The kit comes with 1cm Vitreous glass tiles ready for you to place and glue. Suitable for complete beginners with no special tools needed and no sharp edges.

Kit includes:


  • 1 Large elephant – 20cm
  • 1 Small elephant – 15cm
  • Multi-coloured premixed 1cm vitreous glass tiles
  • 2 x ceramic drops
  • 50ml PVA glue
  • White grout
  • 1 glue spreader
  • Roman mosaic fun fact
  • Mosaic & grouting instructions


If you would like to display your mosaic outdoors, an outdoor varnish will be needed to seal the wood e.g. yacht varnish.

Elephant Family Kit (No. 2)