Our beautiful unicorn mosaic kit!


This kit includes a selection of hand snipped shiny shimmering iridescent vitreous glass pieces in beautiful white and shimmering blue, ready for you to place and glue. A shiny ceramic loveheart for it's nose and a gorgeous selection of colourful ceramic shimmering dots for it's horn.


Suitable for complete beginners and no special tools needed. Please note that the tiles have sharp edges.


Kit includes:

  • 1 Unicorn MDF board  20cm
  • 2 x 10cm hanging stars
  • A selection of mixed colured ceramic dots and square ceramic shimmering eye
  • Selection of hand snipped iridescent vitreous glass tiles
  • Hanging ribbon
  • 50ml PVA glue
  • Light grey grout
  • 1 glue spreader
  • Roman mosaic fun fact
  • Step by step mosaicing & grouting instructions
  • Unicorn colour print out for guidance


If you would like to display your mosaic outdoors, an outdoor varnish will be needed to seal the wood e.g. yacht varnish.

Unicorn Mosaic Kit