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Are you wanting to create your own mosaics at home but not sure what's the best substrate (base) to use? You'll be surprised by how many things you can actually mosaic on to that you already have in your home. The general rule is that it should be a solid hard base without any movement. The reason for this is because movement will cause your tiles to eventually loosen and pop off. Here's my top 5 list of things you can mosaic from items found at home: 1. Old ceramic tiles that you may have hidden at the back of your shed or in your garage. These are perfect for mosaicing on and you can create some really simple trivets for your kitchen or coasters for your table and they're also perfect for putting out in the garden either as mini stepping stones, or some wall art for the side of your shed. Just make sure you use suitable outdoor glue! (I'll do a post on glues soon) 2. Old mirrors these make a perfect upcycle project. You may want to just mosaic around the outside and jazz it up a bit to continue to use as a mirror or alternatively mosaic the entire surface and create a new piece of hanging wall art. 3. Picture frames again make the for perfect upcycling project to create a new and more modern colour scheme to match a newly decorated room.

4. Ceramic or wooden lamp bases. We often seem to collect these sorts of things as interior design styles changes, things go out of fashion or your just tired of looking at the same piece year on year. Lamp bases can be completed transformed using mosaic so no need to send them off to the charity shop just yet!

5. Plates and bowls, anything from porcelain, ceramic, china and even bamboo. These are the perfect items that we definitely all have lying around. And if you've chipped a favourite plate or bowl, rather than thinking that's the end of that, get mosaicing and completely transform it. Any cracks or chips will be covered right up!

Tomorrow I'll bring you lowdown on what glues to use for all remember to check back.

Happy mosaicing!

Audrey x

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